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Tamiya Porsche 959


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This vintage Tamiya Porsche 959 is a 1/12 scale RC rally car that was a legend back in the 1980s.  Released in 1986, it was a 4wd racer modeled after the real winning Paris Dakar rally car at that time, and this model was incredibly fast like the real car!  Extremely lightweight, low to the ground, 4WD traction, and it's powerful RX RS540 technigold motor with adjustable timing all translate into a real speed monster!  One of the best off-road rally modes made!

The vintage Tamiya Porsche 959 although classified as an off-road rally racer, it performed just as well on-road too!  The pin in/out and block tire tread tires that came with it worked on both surfaces well, however Tamiya also made on-road racing "slicks" as a replacement tire as well which, made this Rally rc car even more versatile.

For more detailed realism, the Tamiya Porsche 959 used a blow molded versus a vacuum molded type body design to ensure the highest accuracy to the smallest details.  The 4WD chassis used a double wishbone suspension, shocks and shock absorbers!  The chassis also had a clever 3 piece design to allow for easier dismantling and repair of the vehicle.  You can tell a lot of engineering thought went into the Tamiya Porsche 959.  If you're a collector however, racing this valuable model hard may not be the best option for this vintage classic!

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